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Eggs powerplant dam: rebar in left channel below dam

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Eggs powerplant dam: rebar in left channel below dam

Post by wasatchbill on Tue 02 Aug 2011, 2:46 pm

reposting in Whoa, because I know people have run this dam before. I would have done it last week, if the gate was raised a couple feet higher, cause the left hydraulic didn't look so bad @600. Wrong-----
lurking in that roostertail was rebar, and lots of it- being upside down or swimming would be very bad, in the left channel of this dam. Even staying upright you could puncture your boat and get pinned on rebar:

Furthermore, its epoxy coated rebar (not going to rust out anytime soon), and it looks to be at least 5/8" dia, if not 3/4".
From what I could see, center and right channels look ok; I'll look more closely as it gets lower.

BTW Justin, is it possible to upload more photos to this site? I get this error:
"The size of all the pictures is higher than the allowed limit. You cannot send more."
I have noticed that some old Facebook albums no longer have any photos in them; so a link to a facebook photo album might not have photos in a year or so.

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Re: Eggs powerplant dam: rebar in left channel below dam

Post by Jeff Young on Tue 02 Aug 2011, 4:21 pm

You would think, with all the incidents we've had there at that site this year (the construction crew know about them), they would have used their brain and not created ANOTHER death trap on a navigable waterway. Brandon has their number from one of the incidents, maybe a call to them to express the level of danger they needlessly created would help. We should find out who insures the construction company and give them a call about their liability. Can't hurt.
Jeff Young

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