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Your ideas wanted about fixing up Ogden Kayak Park

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Your ideas wanted about fixing up Ogden Kayak Park

Post by wasatchbill on Wed 30 Nov 2011, 6:48 pm

As you may know, there was some damage done to the 24th street kayak park from this years flooding. Ogden will hopefully get some federal funds to help repair the flood damage. Kirk Freeman is Ogden City's project manager for repairing the flood damage. He is very interested in hearing ideas and suggestions the boating community may have for improving the 24th street kayak park. His email is KirkFreeman@ci.ogden.ut.us

He is aware of the sieve on river left of the first drop, and that is the first thing they intend to fix, hopefully as soon as they can get the necessary permits. Then it sounds like next fall, when Echo reservoir is being worked on, they will be able to divert water and work on the 2nd and 3rd drops. They need to shore up the river right side of the 3rd drop, and direct the river away from that bank. This drop might be made into a wave train.

I hope they can improve the surf wave characteristics of all 3 drops, so they work at a range of flows, and maintain the 3rd drop as a surf wave, rather than making it a wave train.

I also expressed interest in replacing the pole for the slalom course, that is behind the deck now. It could be set in front of the deck, toward the river, and it could line up for gates in the eddies right below the first drop. The slalom cables and gates need to be replaced.

Maybe a picnic table or bbq pit down closer to the river? Although it would have to be flood resistant. The only picnic table now is on river right. I tend to access the river to the south of the deck, where there are no stairs; couple of steps there could be good.

Please let Kirk know your ideas!


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Good news

Post by Augie on Thu 01 Dec 2011, 12:14 am

This is great news that the city wants to repair damage. Kayak parks are not something that can be built and forgotten. The river moves things all of the time and people tamper with existing features also. In the case of the OPP that first drop sieve on RL probably wouldn't be as bad as it is now if the contractor who built the observation deck didn't move some key rocks when thay built the deck. Another area with a sieve is the 3rd drop river left side where the water drains from the swimming pool. The swimming pool inflow was also tampered by kids removing rocks at high flows from the island and allowing the river to cut a channel that wasn't that deep before.

My suggestions for improvements would be the following:

1.Fix the river left sieve by the first drop by placing rocks that would focus the flow towards the center of the river. It may take a few more rocks to accomplish this than would be used to just fix the sieve. If the flow was more focused then it would be more playable at low water.

2. Fix the sieve by the river left 3rd drop.

3. I am not sure what to do with the island above the 3rd drop but I think maybe a couple of large boulders should be placed where the tampering was done to keep the river from cutting away the island.

4. The 3rd drop is essentially unusable for most people at most flows. I think that is because it is too much of a drop in elevation and creates more of a pourover than a hole. If another set of rocks was places downstream that would raise the pool level of the 3rd drop you may be able to make it more friendly to the masses and create a 4th drop at the same time.

Although I stayed at the Holiday Inn last night I am not a river hydrologist so take my advice as someone who may not know what they are talking about. However, at this stage of the game I think it would be prudent to ask someone who is an expert about this. I know the original park designer now lives in Ogden and just might be willing to help or at least give an opinion.

I sent this message to Kirk also.

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Re: Your ideas wanted about fixing up Ogden Kayak Park

Post by brianteats on Thu 01 Dec 2011, 1:50 pm

Sent mine. I mostly mentioned how the drops need to be 'lengthened' a bit (not so short and steep) and how some informative signs may prevent future misuse of the park.

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Re: Your ideas wanted about fixing up Ogden Kayak Park

Post by Sponsored content

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